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Together we can make a difference and support our pollinators, in particular our bees. We can make an impact by donating to an organization that helps protect pollinators, and provides education to bring awareness to all Canadians.


Bee City Canada is an organization that provides education and knowledge to Canadians to help protect our pollinators. They not only advocate for our bee's but also all pollinators that contribute to keeping our environment alive. As stated on the Ontario Nature website, "Pollinators ensure the reproductive success of plants and the survival of the wildlife that depend on those plants for food and shelter. They are also responsible for an estimated one out of three bites of food that people eat, which is worth billions of dollars to the North American economy."

Join the movement and help protect our pollinators. 

30% of profits will be donated to Bee City Canada

30% of Bundles and individual products  will be donated to Bee City Canada. If you purchase the bundle you will be donating more to the organization compared to  purchasing just 1 item. Please note that it is not 30% of your cart but based on items or bundles purchased.


Save The Bees
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