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The Full Story


Hi, I am Kayla, I created Lovely with the intent of making handmade treasures that are one-of-a-kind. Lovely is a small Canadian business that was sparked by the love of crafting and the beauty of humans. Everything nowadays is made in factories and duplicated and I wanted to provide unique items that only exist in small quantities. 


As a mom of 3 children and one furbaby, I knew I wanted to start something that allowed me to be home with my family but also allowed me to succeed in something for myself. Lovely strives to take everyday fashion trends and recreate them with a homemade feel. Each piece is crafted with quality materials, a careful eye and most of all love. Lovely is not only the word that describes our products but it is the feeling we want them to embody. 

Lovely means so much to me and I really hope it can be a brand that means so much to you. Our treasures have been waiting for you so what are you waiting for? 



Our mission is to provide high-quality, long-lasting products to the hands of our consumers.

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Our vision is to provide products that embody creativity and originality to the hands of beautiful humans worldwide.

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